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High Temperature Ducting


A variety of ductings for use in high temperature applications. The grey is a budget ducting which collapses down to 1/20th of it’s length, making it lightweight & flexible. Used in air conditioning & similar applications, works at up to 125 degrees C.

The black ducting is a thermoplastic, which again works at up to 125 degrees but is stronger in it’s construction, whilst maintaining flexibility due to it’s convoluted outer & wire reinforcement.

The third option, if temperature is to exceed 125 degrees is silicone. This product combines flexibility & strength with high working temperatures (above 200 degrees centigrade). It is usually supplied in red & in a variety of sizes.

If all options fail, then we can offer a flexible metallic product to meet your needs in certain sizes.

Sizes available -20mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 51mm 63mm 76mm 102mm 127mm 152mm 203mm 254mm 300mm