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Round Stud Rubber Matting

Round Stud Matting

This is a matting often found in entrances, showrooms, coaches & even kitchens. It is an excellent, professional looking product with a subtle surface to provide an easy to clean non-slip area. Available in a variety of colours as above, with either a round “coin” pattern or a square “stud” patterned finish.

Polymer Type: PVC
Hardness: 75º
Density – SG: 1.8
Tensile Strength: 3.0 Mpa
Elongation at break: 200%
Abrasion Resistance: 250 mm³
Temperature Resistance: -20/+100ºC

Thicknesses:- Round/coin 3mm & 4mm Square stud 2.4mm thick.

Roll Sizes:- Round 10m x 1200mm, Square 10m x 1100mm

Colours:- Black, Grey, green, blue & red.

Product can be supplied in full or part rolls, or cut to your exact size.