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Extrusions come in many different shapes & sizes. It could be a simple edging strip in the shape of a “U” or a complex window seal.

Extrusions are made in long lengths, and can be supplied as either a finished part, a full length to be cut and fitted on site, or even vulcanised into an endless length. As with Rubber Mouldings, they are also available in a range of polymers such as EPDM, Neoprene, SBR, Silicone & viton.

Such shapes include:-
D- section – often used as a buffer strip, larger sections on boats etc
P-section – A soft & flexible seal on doors etc
U-section- Used to create an edge on metal to prevent injury/damage
T-section – often found on weighbridges or between 2 panels
Window sections- To create a seal between a panel & a window
Cord- many different sizes, see page 7 for more details.

There are literally thousands of extrusions available, many off the shelf or designed to your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact for further help or information.